Off Market Sales

Sell your home Off-Market with IICON

Would you sell your home if you didn’t have to place it on the market?

Many owners are secretly thinking about selling and moving. The main thing that holds them back is the perceived hassles of listing and marketing the property. There is an answer. Discuss with Sue today. Call her on 0418 772 444 for a very confidential chat.

Privacy and convenience

With IICON’s unique buyer database, the ultimate outcome can occur where the vendor receives a quick, no stress, premium outcome whilst the buyer secures their ideal property at the exclusion of all other buyers in the open market.

Across the Cairns property market, we're starting to see a growing trend in the number of off -market sales. An off-market sale is when a property is sold without any public advertising to a buyer database that generally results in savings in both time and money to the vendor. With a significant register of buyers, IICON Off-Market is one of Cairns most powerful buyer database’s that sells a considerable amount of property before it goes to the open market.